dinsdag 5 juni 2012

I am working on too many projects.....

There are too many Ufo's laying around in my sewing room, I don't like that, it's not good for my concentration!
This nine-patck doll quilt i started half a year ago . I'll use  Denise Schmidt fabric and Kona solid.

Last week I started this small quilt. I bought the kit on Etsy. The mother of the person who sold the kit was in the nineteenth on a trip in Amsterdam and she bought the kit at den Haan en Wagemakers , they are well known for their Dutch reproduction fabrics. 

And there is waiting this Japanese logcabin quilt. I already started quilting.

Over a chair is hanging my reproduction poststampquilt but I think this one has to wait till cooler weather.

 I started a new appliquequilt, a Yoko Saito pattern, I finished three blocks, will show my creations soon. I saw the finished quilt in Nantes, beautiful, my fabric choice is more vibrant, I use alot of vintage kimono fabric. This is the finished quilt in Nantes.

And there is block 3 of the Yoko Saito mystery quilt waiting for me. But first I need to buy the background. Thursday I go to Holland for a weekend and I'll buy the background in Rotterdam. 
I go with my friend Lucy in her car. Do you remember who she is? She is the one who makes excellent  chocolates. At the moment she is experimenting with cake decoration.....

Th crown on top is made with chocolate...
INside was cream with amaretto , an Italien almond liqueur.

9 opmerkingen:

  1. Such beautiful things you are working on, Baukje!

  2. Waar jij mee bezig bent, vind ik prachtig! Waar je vriendin mee bezig is vind ik heerlijk! Kan het mooier?
    Geniet ervan!



  3. Ik zou dit logje zelf geschreven kunnen hebben. Ik werk ook aan veel te veel projecten, maar het is allemaal ook zó leuk. Gelukkig word ik er niet onrustig van en kan ik gemakkelijk overwippen van het ene naar het andere project.
    Die taart ziet er geweldig uit!!

  4. Now if only you lived around the corner from me instead of around the globe! I'd be right over, toting my little Featherweight and I would happily help you with your lovely projects. We could visit and perhaps enjoy a slice or two of that delicious looking cake! ;o)

  5. Wat lief die kleine nine-patch blokjes :o))
    heb ook last van veel UFO's ... maar t voordeel is afwisseling zodat ze toch weer leuk zijn ... t nadeel is ... niet nog iets nieuws (kunnen/willen) beginnen ...
    Succes hoor !

  6. O Baukje prachtig de Flower Bouquet Quilt! Ken je de site van Isadarena http://isadarena.blogspot.fr/ zij is de quilt ook aan het maken. Ook naar aanleiding van Nantes.
    De taart is ook mooi en smakelijk!!
    Succes en ik kijk uit naar het resultaat!!!

    Groetjes, Evelyne

  7. Wow, you do have a lot of UFO's, now I don't feel so bad! It's great to have things to come back to that are already partly finished though. Love the look of you post stamp quilt, tiny pieces!
    I wish Lucy was my friend, her cakes look wonderful!

  8. You are working on lots of fun projects. I get a little crazy doing that. I kind of have to stick to one at a time.

  9. I've been so good to work on just on project at a time, but then..... I don't know what happened! I'm in the same boat as you, too many projects going on and wanting more, more, more.