vrijdag 15 juni 2012

A silk scarf and some garden pictures

When I was in Holland I had an appointment with Bette, my sister in law. She loved the present I made for her. I bought a scrap bag with vintage kimono silk, the color was lavender/grey/light purple. Just Bette's colors.

Some garden pictures: the rose Nevada was in full bloom for some weeks. 

Some poppies (pavot orientale)

This weekend family from Holland is coming to visit me so no time for blogging and visiting you. See you thursday..


8 opmerkingen:

  1. Ja, visite dat gaat af en aan in de zomer.
    Volgende week mijn zusje, maar gelukkig is ze ook creatief, dus kunnen we lekker samen bezig zijn.
    Gezellig vind ik dat!

    Veel plezier dit weekend en groetjes, Evelyne

  2. Oh Baukje, wat een schitterende sjaal! BTW, het zijn ook mijn kleuren LOL
    De foto's van de bloemen zijn ook prachtig. Ook mijn kleuren!

    Fijn weekend,

  3. Mooie sjaal! En prachtige bloemen !
    De roze klaprozen zijn ook net van zijde :o)
    Fijn weekend met je familie !


  4. Lovely colors in the scarf! Your sister-in-law looks great in the purples. I see you have matched the scarf with the gorgeous poppies as well. They are my favorite flower but I cannot seem to grow them.

  5. The scarf is lovely! I love poppies, I'm disappointed that none of the seeds I planted have come up :(

  6. The poppies are lovely! And almost the same colors as in the pretty scarf you made for your sister in law.

  7. Een prachtige sjaal is het met mooie kleuren. De bloemen zijn geweldig.


  8. Yes, they are perfectly lovely colours Baukje! That is such a pretty scarf. I'm so pleased I managed to stake my poppies this year - I don't usually get round to it in time but its been so wet and windy they really needed it. Yours are really gorgeous colours. Have a lovely time with your family visiting - hope the sun shines.