zondag 21 februari 2010

Off the needles

I am so proud of my new cardigan.
The yarn was a pleasure to knit and the colors are so warm.  It was the first time that I had to do steeking. I used two methods, first I crocheted a chain along the stitches where I wanted to cut, then  I  used the sewing machine to reinforce the stitches.
(A steek is a narrow section of stitches developed to provide a place to cut along to create openings in circularly knit garments)

There'll be no posts for about 10 days because I'll be in Holland.

9 opmerkingen:

  1. That is a beautiful cardigan and you SHOULD be proud! Lovely colors.

  2. It turned out amazing! I'm proud to know some one so talented. Hope your time in Holland is good.

  3. Love your cardigan!
    So much detail in your stitches, Thanks for sharing your beautiful creation.
    Have a great holiday,

  4. You're SO talented! Enjoy Holland, how fun :) I received the OWOH scarf today and posted about it on my blog with credit and a link back to you if you want to see me modeling it...I LOVE it, thank you so much Baukje :)

  5. What a lovely cardigan! Have a lovely time in Holland! I heard there is lots of nice fabric there!....

  6. Ton cardigan est superbe! Jamais je n'oserais couper dans le tricot!

  7. This is GORGEOUS! And you were so brave with those scissors! Wonderful sweater.

  8. Oh wat ongelooflijk dapper van je om het door te knippen!! Zie dat je in Nederland bent, ook naar de beurs?? Maar wellicht ben je al geweest, ik sta weer bij Wolhemel op vrijdag en zondag, misschien zien wij elkaar nog.