donderdag 18 maart 2010

Alphabe Thursday

Today it's the letter I.

I from INDRE, that's the French department where I live. It's situated in the centre of France. The most important tourist attraction of this department is GEORGE SAND.

George Sand 1804 -1878
"The world will know and understand me someday. But if that day does not arrive, it does not greatly matter. I shall have opened the way for other women"

George Sand was an amazing woman author and personality. She earned as much notoriety for her Bohemian lifestyle as for her written work. Born as Aurore Dupin , she was the most famous woman writer in the 19th century in France.
In her life she pushed the limits in all kinds of way. She smoked in public, wore men's clothes, include tie and tophat!, 
 and wrote frankly about woman's sexual feelings. She had relationships with famous men, artists writers and musicians. In her house in Nohant near La Châtre in the Berry, she received Alfred de Musset, Balzac, Delacroix, Flaubert Chopin and Liszt. She and Chopin had a complicated relationship, going from friends to lovers to eventually being more like mother and son.
She was buried in the grounds of her home in Nohant.

Her house, here it's called ' chateau' (castle).

Her 'boudoir' where she wrote her books.

The small peaceful church next to her house in Nohant.

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  1. Wat leuk een Nederlandse in Frankrijk. Goed gevonden je I. INteressante vrouw was George Sand en haar relatie met Chopin was mij welbekend. Ik vond dit een erg moeilijke letter en heb er dus het woordenboek bijgehaald.
    Fijne dag verder.

  2. Wow, I enjoyed this and the photos were the icing on the cake!

    I have a bit of bohemian in my soul....but I don't have a boudoir in which I write my books! Darn!!

  3. She sounds amazing. A woman trailblazer afraid of nothing. Thanks for sharing about her.

  4. A very interesting post. She was born ahead of her time.

  5. She was such a handsome woman, isn't she?
    Thank you for introducing her in your unusual lovely post!

    Happy Thursday!

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  6. I need a boudoir. I need a chateau, too. These will go on my "to do" list. haha

    Gotta love a woman who was so far ahead of her time. And I admire so much men and women like her, who knew that not many people understood them...but who kept being themselves nonetheless. Amazing!

  7. I just love your "I" post about George Sand...quite an interesting figure, and I love all things Bohemian. Thank you for your visit and kind comments about my Insect blog...Namaste

  8. What an intriquing "I" post. I never heard of George Sand before but she sounds like an interesting and complex character.

    Your depiction of her really let me paint a picture in my mind...

    And the photos were wonderful!

    Thank you!


  9. And what a wonderful I post Indeed!~ France looks beautiful and I would love to take a holiday there some time!!~ Thanks for stopping by...

  10. Het zal er nooit van komen, maar mijn droom is om in een kasteel te wonen met heel veel ronde torentjes, en heel veel kamers die ik in allerlei kleuren in kan richten. Het moet ook nog bij ons in de straat staan. Ha ha ha, dream on girl. Mooi verhaal over een interassante vrouw, groetjes Dorien

  11. What a great post! She truly was ahead of her time. Oh, the history in that house, can you imagine the fascinating conversations that took place there? Beautiful photos, that little church just takes my breath away. Kathy

  12. That was a wonderful post! I wish i could be there just to soak up the history ... and it the boudoir looks so sumptious .... the little church just speaks of peace ... beautiful ...

  13. A woman ahead of her time! Her life is reflected in her writings. Thank you for sharing so much information in such an entertaining way!

  14. Great pictures! I love the way you write and enjoy learning new things from you. I had heard of George Sand before, but really knew nothing about her. What a unique individual in her day and time.

  15. What a beautiful chateau! And boudoir. She was certainly a woman ahead of her time. I wonder who our grandchildren will look back on 100 years from now and say "She was ahead of her time".

  16. she was an amazing woman before her time......

  17. Great post! Such an interesting figure! Someday, if I have the opportunity to return to France, I think I will visit Indre, and see this Bohemian lady's home!

  18. Interesting post :o) I would love to do some sightseeing in France.

    Blessings & Aloha!
    (still trying to catch up on all the wonderful "I" posts!)