maandag 18 april 2011


I started to sow the pumpkinseeds for me and for  friend. We have about 20 different varieties.
The night before the seeds were soaked in a bit of water, to advance a quick germination.

 They are sowed now and stand in the veranda .

4 opmerkingen:

  1. we have just started pumpkin seeds as well! there's nothing like those orange beauties as the last of the garden fades in the autumn.

  2. We just looked through our seed packets yesterday to see what we are wishing to plant this year. I have not tried the overnight soaking method; perhaps we'll give it a go this season!

  3. I haven't started mine yet... my mom just mailed the kids some seeds for easter. Thanks for the tip about soaking them. Maybe I'll get them large enough to transplant this year... usually I kill them before then!

  4. Hoi Baukje, is het allemaal pompoenen zaad of ook nog andere dingen. Zijn er wel veel zeg, wij hebben ieder jaar tomaten plantjes waar we met de meiden dan ook van kunnen oogsten en eten. Vinden ze zo leuk om te doen. Groetjes Jolien