zaterdag 6 augustus 2011

Sugarfree carrotcake

Already some years I have 'pre-diabetes', that means that my blood glucose levels are higher than normal but not yet high enough to be diagnosed as diabetes.
I try to make healthy food choices and eat (almost) sugarfree.
I don't like artificial sweeteners so I was very happy with the natural sweetener STEVIA. On this site you can read more about stevia.
Some studies even have shown that stevia extract effectually regulates bloodsugar!

I often combine stevia with homemade syrup or agave syrup, because using only stevia there is often an after taste of liquorice, a kind of bitterness.  To be able to measure small quantities I bought these measure spoons, the smallest is for 20 mg et the largest for 320 mg.  Stevis is 300 x sweeter that sugar so you always need only a small amount.

My sugarfree carrot cake is my version of two other recipes together. ( here and here )
You need:
225 g flour wholemeat
2 tbsp bakingpowder
1 tbsp biocarbonate
2 tbsp cinnamon
pinch of nutmeg
pinch of salt
250 g grated carrots
165 g chopped walnuts
40 g grated coconut
100 g dried figs
90 g dried apricot
60 g sunflower oil
2 eggs
50 g homemade syrup or agave syrup
250 g plain yogurt

Preheat the oven, 180 degrees.
Wisk the eggs and the oil. Put together the dry ingredients . Mix those by hand with the eggs and oil. Put in the other ingredients and mix together.
Put in the oven for about 40 minutes.
If you want the carrotcake sweeter you also could add bananas or honey.

I am so sorry that I don't have a picture, it's all eaten!!!! I made this post today because a blogfriend asked for sugarfree recipes.

You can find more sugarfree recipes here and here.
Bon appetit!!

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  1. Ha Baukje,

    Bedankt voor dit recept, dat ga ik zeker proberen!


  2. What! You ate it all!!! No wonder - just the list of ingredients is making me hungry.

  3. Your carrot cake on the other site looks absolutely sooooo very delicious. I will have to try and figure out the recipe. I also LOVE those measureing spoons. I have never seen ones with those kinds of words before. So unique and special. Love them. Hugs Judy