vrijdag 7 oktober 2011

Shopping in Paris 1: some addresses

It was a perfect day, not too cold not too hot, really weather to visit Paris . The best way to see Paris, to feel paris and to smell Paris is by foot, so we walked a lot......
We started in the 'Marais', the jewish quarter. My favorite quarter in Paris, small streets with a lot of beautiful , very exclusive small shops.
We wanted some real jewish sweets to eat with our 'petit café'. In this shop you can buy the perfect 'strudel aux pommes (apple)' and 'strudel aux pavots (poppy-seeds)'.
The address is 24, rue des Ecouffes,angle 19,rue des Rosiers. We drank a coffee and immediately tried the 'strudel aux pavots'. It was delicious with a taste of orange, very good.

Round the corner you'll find this shop, so exclusive ..... The coats, the hats the scarves, the pillows, everything so gorgeous and colorful . But I warn you they are not cheap at all!!!
They use a lot of Ikat fabric. 
Address: A la bonne Renommée,26, rue Vieille du Temple.
When you walk this street in northern direction you'll find on number 128, the shop called IE (that means house in Japanese). They sell very original children's garments and............... fabric! Not really quilt fabric but fabric you find nowhere, good  quality and not expensive.

But we walked in southern direction to rue François Miron, again beautiful shops and a lot of pavements. 
In this street you can find Izraels, on number 30.   They sell all kinds of herbs, liqueur, dried fruit.... too much to mention. It's worth to only enter the shop to smell all the flavours.
Tomorrow more Paris shopping! 

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  1. Oh, the fabric! I would love to see that shop!

  2. Oh my goodness! It looks absolutely delightful!

  3. I just found your blog through your comment on Karen's Sew and Sow Life. I too live in France, in Paris, in fact, but I never knew about this restaurant. Thank you so much for the tip! I am always looking for good vegetarian places and for authentically non-French food (unlike the so-called "Tex Mex" you get here or the restos that bill themselves as serving Chinese/Thai/Vietnamese/Japanese all in one). Your blog seems lovely and I will be be back soon to browse more.