maandag 15 oktober 2012

Baby quilt for the Christmas market

I made this babyquilt for the Christmas market of Sarzay Creatif. I became a member of this club and every year they organize a Christmas market. This year I did not do summermarkets so there are a lot of small things left to sell.
The baby quilt measures 1,25 x 125, rather big for a babyquilt but it could also be used as a playblanket for a toddler.

I also started to crochet a pillow cover for the market, I only need to crochet another 16 granny's!

And of course, I also quilted my poststampquilt. 

My cat 'bibiche' also likes the quilt....

So this week I was rather busy!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Your kitty looks just like my Mumsie's Honeybee"!

    You have been so busy stitching! I love the bright and cheerful baby quilt, and love your stitches on the postage stamp quilt.

    I have a very busy October here and am hoping to do lots of sewing in November.


  2. Je was zeker druk zeg !!
    Leuk de baby quilt , ik zie babouska's, dieren ...:o) leuk hoor !

    oh enne gebakjes en thee (potten) :o))


  3. Wat een leuke zonnige babyquilt, zeg, en die Bibiche heeft haar/zijn plekje wel gevonden op de postzegelquilt. Je haakwerk is ook mooi, stiekem heb ik ook al gekeken naar mijn oude haaknaalden, maar ik vind geen tijd om alles te maken wat ik wil. Maar dat hebben we allemaal, hè.
    Groetjes, Cisca

  4. Cats know the warmest places to sleep! :-) I LOVE the baby quilt you made. It's a great size to laying on the floor and letting the baby play with all the bright fabric squares!

  5. I would say you were very busy. The baby quilt is so cute with all those bright colors.Love the postage stamp quilt too!

  6. LOVE the baby quilt! I still haven't started on the baby quilt I'm making for my sister's first bub, I think I'm procrastinating too much and should just get a move on!

    I have posted those apron measurements on my blog for you - I hope it turns out well :)