zondag 27 januari 2013

An apron for a two years old girl.....

Tomorrow will be Kalle's birthday . Last year I knitted a bear for her, do you remember him?

And do you remember her face when she saw him?

She is a very girly girl, always walking with bags and  wearing jewelry. So I thought maybe i could sew a small apron.
When  I saw the apron kelly from the Handmaden made for her daughter I wanted to make the same.
kelly was so sweet to adjust the pattern  to fit a two years old girl, you can find her post here.
And this is what I made for kalle.

I used A vintage apron that I bought in Italy two years ago, the clown ribbon is also vintage. 
I hope it will fit here......

6 opmerkingen:

  1. It's gorgeous, clever you! I'm sure Kalle will adore it ans she will look so cute in it!
    Gill xx

  2. Wat een snoepie! Past en staat Kalle vast en zeker geweldig!
    Leuk is dat toch hè, om voor dat grut iets te maken!


  3. Love, love, love what you've done! The clown ribbon is gorgeous, what a find. Love the bear too, how very cute, I bet he is well loved :)

  4. That is precious and I bet she will love it.

  5. Wat schattig! Ik weet zeker dat ze het prachtig zal vinden. Die foto van haar gezicht toen ze de beer zag....wat een beloning voor je werk!

  6. That apron is adorable, just like your little granddaughter is! She will LOVE it! My mom made a little apron for me when I was little and I still have it. I used to put it on to help my Mommy clean the house. :-)