maandag 20 oktober 2014

Paris, some addresses of Japanese shops

Last wednesday I was in Paris for a one-day-visit. I visited some Japanese shops. (I think I am in my Japanese period........)
Since maybe already 30 years I collect japanese teacups. I bought two small ones at IKAT, 36 rue François Miron in the Marais.

I also visited YODOYA, 6-8 rue St Gilles, I bought a mascot of a cat, so cute and they say that the cat brings luck.....

This shop is cram-full with small things, hairclips, key holders, origami work, buttons.....In the corner the owner is sewing with japanese fabric.

In the neighbourhood of the Sacré Coeur, I found a, for me, new asiatic shop, TAI TAI, 15 rue André Del Sarte.
Lots of small things like the other shops, but also some very special things the owner brought himself from Japan and China.
LIke these handstencilled indigo fabric, he is cutting a small piece for me.

There were beautiful jackets/kimono's in indigo and I loved this folded skirt. I took the photo for the owl cushion and you can see the skirt in front .

The owner talked so enthusiastic about his trips to Asia, i will surely go back in january to see what is new ........

If you never were in Rue St Anne, you really need to go there once. Almost everything in this street is Japanese, restaurants, shops even a bakery, at number 16, where i bought this delicious matcha muffin.

AKI, at number 11 is one of the best restaurants in the street, you can eat okonomiyaki, a kind of japanese pizza. It is rather difficult to find.
Another shop in this street is DISCOVER JAPAN, at number 12, they sell bags, Japanese slippers and the high quality,comfortably cloths from the brand EVAM EVA.

If you are looking for a kimono, go to KIMONOYA, rue du Pont Louis Philippe, not far from the Notre Dame.

At last I went to the Quartier Latin to visit JHIN, 5 rue de Condé. I bought some fabric.....

And as usual I went to Keatsu, 8 rue du Roule, près du Pont Neuf, to buy some scraps.....

I think I go back to paris in january for another day of shopping.

10 opmerkingen:

  1. Kon'nichiwa Baukje,

    Volgens mij heb jij een geweldige leuke dag gehad en prachtige aankopen gedaan!


  2. Wat een heerlijk dagje moet dit zijn geweest! Geniet maar lekker van al je mooie aankopen en ik ben benieuwd hoe je de stof gaat verwerken!!

  3. Ha, je bent lekker gaan shoppen in Paris... zo te lezen weet je al aardig de weg daar! Leuke stoffen hoor, het geeft je vast veel inspiratie! Veel plezier ermee :) xx

  4. Hoe ver woon jij eigenlijk van Parijs af? Volgens mij kan je de weg daar dromen!
    Ik vind dat katje en de uil zo enig. En wat een mooie lapjes. Grappig, dat je zo op Japanse spulletjes gesteld bent.

  5. I wish I was there with you once again. Didn't we enjoy that day?

  6. Wat een leuke aankopen. En dank je wel voor de adressen, ik moet ook nodig weer 's naar Parijs... En nu maar die mooie quilt gaan maken, succes!
    Groetjes, Marjo B-W

  7. Een heerlijk uitje. Mooi die Japanse aankopen. Groetjes,

  8. Je zou bijna denken dat je in Japan was geweest. Leuk hoor, al die Japanse winkeltjes daar.

  9. So much treasure - I want to come to Paris with you next time Baukje! Love your pencil and phone cases!

  10. Hmmm... We moeten nodig weer eens naar Parijs zie ik! :-))
    Je theekopjes en kat zijn fantastisch!