zondag 24 mei 2015

Indigo and Shibori scarfs and I am off to Felletin

I dyed some scarfs with indigo, they were all wrapped around polyester tubes in different width and in different ways.

The last one is a woolen scarf which i dyed first in a camomile bath, then wrapped  around the tube and dyed the scarf in an indigo bath at last i dyed the scarf in a madder bath, this is the result.
This scarf will not be for sale, i will keep it myself!

Tomorrow i will go to Felletin  to do a 5 day workshop. Felletin is a small town in the department the Creuse, about 80 km from here.
The workshop is about dyeing and printing fabric. Here can you find the workshop information.
The teacher  is Mireille Vallet, i give you some links about here work here and here

9 opmerkingen:

  1. They all look beautiful, love your indigos bags in The previous post

  2. Have a very wonderful adventure, Baukje!

  3. Love the scarves. And have an adventurous week learning lots of new things.

  4. Fantastisch! Heel veel plezier op de workshop, dat je maar veel mag leren en wij hier de meest prachtige creaties mogen zien!

  5. Jouw berichten over wat je hebt gecreëerd zijn voor mij altijd heel inspirerend! Heel mooie zomer shawls! xx Annasoer :)

  6. Wat een prachtige shawls Baukje !
    Lieve groetjes,

  7. Wat een prachtig effect geeft dat verven toch. Elke keer is het weer anders, ook de methode.
    Heel veel plezier in Felletin.

  8. These are beautiful. You've got a lovely variety of effects from your different ways of wrapping :)

  9. Very informative, keep posting such good articles, it really helps to know about things.