donderdag 29 april 2010

Alphabe Thursday

Today it's 0-day. O for oublié, that's the French word for forgotten.
I forgot to tell our master Jenny that I could not visit the class last week because I was in Nantes. I hope she's not too angry.......
Last week was the letter N and I love to tell you about my friend Natasha, so I'll do it now. It's all a bit confusing but next week I promise to be there in time......

So, my friend Natacha, here she is...... 82 years old and always very energetic. She was born from a Russian father and a French mother who belonged to the nobility.
She lives about 1 kilometer from here since 20 years, before, she lived in Paris in an apartment.
There, she and her husband were already active in a club to preserve old and regional fruit trees.  
When they moved over to the country they immediately started to plant fruit trees, especially regional varieties.  
In there garden there are now 300 fruit trees of which are  242 different varieties..... 
An example: she has 176 apple trees of which are 140 varieties.!! There are pear-trees, plum-trees,peach-trees, cherry-trees, apricot-trees, quince-trees, walnut-trees and chestnut-trees.   Imagine the beauty when they are all in bloom.
Her husband died 3 years ago , she has a gardener now twice a week for some hours, but she still does   the mowing!

Natacha also has chickens and she has 2 beehives. So there are 'homemade' eggs and there is delicious honey.

Yes, life in the country is a very happy life......

If you want to vist the other participants, go to Jenny....

18 opmerkingen:

  1. What an interesting post, your friends orchard must be beautiful when it all comes out to bloom!

  2. Great O post, love your pix.

  3. Natacha is my kind of woman! That's who I want to grow up to be in my eighties!!

  4. I love your are blessed to know Natasha. MrsC and I love fruit trees. We have one apple and one pear and are blessed by having a few acres of sweet blackberries. We have two bee hives, but the winter was hard on them and they are gone. After MrsC recoups from her knee surgery we will get back in the swing of things and think about bees for next year. I purchased the Australian boulder opals off of Ebay.

  5. Wow, Natasha is one amazing woman at her age. I hope she lives a longer, healthy life. Good for her.

  6. Your friend Natasha is amazing! How wonderful her orchard must be in the spring when all the trees are in bloom. I was just waiting for the mention of bee hives... with all those trees to pollinate, you need lots of bees! :-) Does she have children who will take over the running of the orchard at some point?

  7. Natasha stays young because she is physically and probably mentally active. She is living a wonderful life. Thanks for posting about her. We all need this kind of inspiration.

  8. so cool of her to have so many varieties :D

  9. I have a friend in France with a similar acreage. We have been to visit & it was glorious!
    Really loved your interpretaiton of 'O'! Very clever!!

  10. What amazing lady! Her place would be a great place to explore.

  11. She is a good example for all of us to stay active and involved. She sounds like a wonderful woman. Joni

  12. This is lovely. Just lovely.

    I would love to see that orchard when it is in bloom. And to have your friend still take care of it...ahhh...I suspect that is what keeps her young!

    Hope your vacation is going well!

    And thank you for this lovely stop on our little journey through Alphabe-Thursday!

    I am so charmed by your post.


  13. I love cutting the grass! I hope I can still steer my lawn mower around the yard when I'm 82! I have the chickens and my neighbor has bees. No fruit trees, though!

  14. I hope that I can be as young-looking and spirited as your friend when I am that age! What a great lady.

    Best wishes and happy weekend,

  15. I am glad you didn't Omit a post on your friend Natasha! I bet it is beautiful there in the spring!

  16. What a lovely life and lady. You seem to gather very special people around you in your French countryside home. I'm glad with others that you made this post.

    Hope you have a wonderful day!

  17. Baukje wat een mooi verhaal. Wij zijn net terug van een korte vakantie in de voerstreek en daar stonden vele fruitbomen prachtig in bloei. Groetjes van Dorien

  18. What a beautiful place to be. She is so active and has created such a wondeful place. Thanks for sharing.