zondag 4 april 2010

Craft art

Today i 'll show you some amazing craft art pictures.

I found these on a quilting blog, but I don't remember where....

Another  picture that cheers up my day...

You can find these two art projects on Cheryl's blog. On the car were glued  23000 beads, bangles and bows, the croc's are matching perfectly with the car.

These pictures were published in the Interweave  Knits, summer 2009. The artist Theresa Honeywell made this handknit pink cosy ," inspired by the gender restrictions she felt in her marriage. She started making cozies for empowering objects, which happened to be very hard , masculine objects. The handknitted covers softened them up and changed their determined roles".

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Bravo Baukje,

    I love to read exciting posts such as this one. For one thing, it is good for me to see there are others who think like I do LOL! The world would be a boring place if everyone drove around in a grey car. I love the quilted car. What a beautiful paint job! Thank you for featuring B-dazle and my crocs! Wonderful post!

  2. Hi! What amazing photos! So great theat there are people who have the time and ideas to do this to cheer us up! In the town where my university is there is a lamp post which sometimes is covered with colourful knitting, like a very long kind of sock! How fun!