dinsdag 14 september 2010

Carolus and his friends

Wheather is so nice, it should be a pity to stay inside. Although I have some orders for bags, I sit outside and knit more Carolus bears. The pattern is such a pleasure to knit and the bear is so cute.  You can find the pattern here in Dutch and in English, it's free.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. They are so cute together. A teddy bear's picnic. I'm just off to get the pattern.

  2. These truly are adorable! They remind me so much of the little stuffed blue velvet beat I used to play with as a child. (I did a post about him a couple of months ago, and the little blue play house he lived in.) Any child would LOVE one of these!!

  3. Wat een kleurrijk stel !!

    hihi ze blijven nooit alleen.

    Geweldig het staphorster logje !!

    En had ik maar niet gekeken want ik ben jaloers op de geweldige stoffen daarvoor !!!

    (((zwaaii)))... marian'ne m

  4. I love your bears. I shall have to check out the pattern. You asked about my purse patterns. I draw them up myself, always making a muslin pattern first to make sure they work well. Thanks for visiting. Have a beautiful day.

  5. They are so lovely and colourful :-) I am sorry Baukje that you had difficulty finding the mailing list on my site , I have added a link from my blog post.