vrijdag 24 september 2010

My garden

There are still roses in bloom.  This is my favorite rose: Rose de Rescht, a very old rose that has flowers till frost!

Aloha, a modern rose with very nice colors.
Some lovely rose-hips

4 opmerkingen:

  1. How well I remember the glorious roses of France in the Loire Valley. Yours are brilliant and beautiful. Hard to believe they last til frost. I'll have to try that variety.

    Thanks for showing!

  2. Oh my gosh those are beautiful and I bet they smell wonderful too. I just cut down the last of my sunflowers the other day - they were looking so weary. But hung a bright autumn wreath in the middle of my fence so it still looks colorful. Happy fall!

  3. Beautiful roses! I especially love that dark pink one! Gorgeous! And the hips add such beautiful color to the fall garden.

  4. Beautiful - my roses finished long ago. And rosehips look so lovely in a vase. Autumn light is the most wonderful I think.