donderdag 14 oktober 2010

Week 10 till Christmas.

This week i 'll give you some apron patterns, because aprons are HOT.
I found a beautiful poem about aprons:

Grandma's Apron

When I used to visit Grandma.
I was very much impressed,
by her all-purpose apron,
and the power it possessed.
She used it for a basket,
when she gathered up the eggs,
and flapped it as a weapon,
when hens pecked her feet and legs.
She used it for a hot pad,
to remove a steaming pan,
and when her brow was heated,
she used it for a fan.
It dried our childish tears,
when we'd scrape a knee and cry,
and made a hiding place
when the little ones were shy.
Farm produce took in season,
in the summer, spring and fall,
found its way into the kitchen
from Grandma's carry all.

Maybe she wore this one. Here you can find a tuto of this apron

Or this one....
Here i am wearing a vintage apron, it's about 70 years old, It's auntie Cor's apron. I repaired it several times ......

There are so many lovely apron pictures on the web.
How do you find this one...

And this one
You can find this on sewliberated's blog.

On Cheryl's blog you can find several,  personalized aprons for birthday presents, so lovely!

Dis you know that there is an apron magazine? It's called Apron. ology.

And here are the tutorials I promised you.
This one you could make in one hour and is a perfect Christmas present.

Another one that you could make with the same tuto:

And here you can find about 50 free apronpatterns.

And don't forget to enter the Giveaway at Hawthorne threads site, this week they giveaway this apron.

Happy sewing!

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Baujke, Wonderful post. Love the poem and that's a great picture of you in Auntie Cor's apron! Thank you for all the links.

  2. These are wonderful aprons Baujke. I'm going to make one for myself when I catch up on my work. I need an apron with pockets for the eggs!

  3. You are a lifesaver!! Christmas is approaching and I'm wondering how to get around it this year and you have provided THE solution. Thank you. Great poem too....

  4. I loved this post! Not just because you featured me in it either, although that was very, very sweet of you, but because the poem brought back memories of my own mother and her apron. Also, I loved the other aprons you featured. All are wonderful.

  5. My Grandma used to wear an apron similar to the one from your Auntie Cor. :-)

  6. Volgens mij houdt jij van de kerst !!??;-)

    Enig de schorten. Maar jij in de jouwe vind ik het leukste, zo met de kippetjes rondom je, lekker landelijk.
    Ik draag er één regelmatig, maar gewoon een heel eenvoudige. Die mag gewoon vies worden, wat mij aardig lukt !!

    prachtige pompoenen zelfs met poppe gezichtjes.

  7. Wat een leuk logje over de schortjes. Als ik eens tijd heb (hahaha) ga ik er ook een maken. Doei Dorien