woensdag 24 november 2010

In the mail

Last week i got these cute things in the mail; they came from her.

  I felt in love with the tiny socks and started to knit them. Mine are a bit bigger but also lovely....

I did not blog a lot these days because I was not in the mood neither for blogging nor for visiting my friends blogs, because of the continuing problems with my sewing machine. Here I told you that the dealer gave me a replacement when they sent my machine back to the factory. But , as some of you thought, that was not the same type as the one I bought. Last friday mu machine arrived from the factory, after SIX WEEKS. I think that's a shame. Bernina is really the top but there service en France is a disaster. And , you don't believe me, the problem was not solved!!!! 
Thank goodness I already was active on a sewing forum. There are three woman in Holland who proposed me to send them samples of my stitchery. They have the same Bernina Aurora 440 QE.  
To be continued......

2 opmerkingen:

  1. So sorry to here about your troubles with Bernina! What a shame when you were so looking forward to creating fabulous projects with it. Love these little socks!

  2. Hihi, ja zo gaat dat !!

    En dan niet 1 maar een hele rij, mooiii.
    Leuk hé !!