zondag 14 november 2010

Sisters of the world Quilt

In september Lizzie,  of  'a house in the country' asked us a favor. Her friend,Sue, that she know for more than 30 years is ill, severely ill.  Sue has made many, many quilts in her life. Lizzie asked us to send her 'orphan' blocks that we've made but not yet used. She wanted to put them together  and give the quilt to her friend Sue, to keep her warm and cosy.
And to show her how much we as women and quilters care for our sisters all around the world.

Lizzie received 160 blocks from so many countries.......  She did such a GREAT job and I feel honored to take part of this quilt.
Here is Lizzie with the quilt:

She even could not use all the blocks, those were send to n organization that makes quilts for children in New Zealand, who are victimes of the earthquakes .

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Beautiful inspirational blog post today. Loved this.

  2. Oh how beautiful and there is nothing more comforting to wrap up in when you are ill than a warm quilt made with love. Lizzie sounds like a real friend!

  3. This is amazing! What a wonderful idea full of love. It's so rewarding to put the effort of so may people together for such a worthy cause. Well done for participating!