zaterdag 4 december 2010

Snow in France

yesterday I couldn't drive the car out of the garage because of the snow. It's exceptional so much snow in november/december. In february..... it's quite normal but no .........NO!
Monday I made this picture of the last hollyhock.....
These pictures I made friday:

There are still apples in the tree, they have a 'snow-hat'.....

I did not work a lot this week, too much other things to do. There were also 2 funerals in our small village. This year there are 13  people who passed away in our village with about 240 inhabitants.....
 I knew most of them and I went to their funeral. A funeral is something common here, everybody is in the church and you can feel the communal sense, 'we surround and support you and your family'. I hope you understand what I mean, my English is not good enough to express this feeling.  

But I finished this patchwork bag this week, made with Dutch folk fabric.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. I grew up in a small town and our neighborhood was ethnic. Mostly Italians, Greeks and Irish. We had that strong sense of community there too. Everyone helping everyone. I miss it so very much.

    Snow in France so least it is flat in a lot of the areas of France so you can get around on the roads. Here, we have all mountains and when it snows...we are home.

    Your new bag is lovely.

  2. Ha Baukje!
    Het dorpsgevoel dat je beschrijft is mooi en goed. Dat hebben we allemaal eigenlijk nodig op z,n tijd......ondanks dat verdriet..........
    Mooie tas! Hier ligt in W'veen ligt inmiddels ook een dik pak sneeuw! Het is net gestopt met sneeuwen.


  3. Hello Baukje,

    Love the bag.
    Keep warm. It is summer here with an unusual high rainfall.


  4. Het levert prachtige plaatjes op.
    En je tas is ook een plaatje.

    Hollandse sferen zo !!?;-)


  5. je hebt het prima omschreven.
    Mooi dat in het dorp nog zo'n hechte gemeenschapszin is ook in rouw.