zaterdag 30 juli 2011

Flowerborder bag

Finally I fished the flowerborder bag. I am not so satisfied with the model...... But I Love the fabric combination with the embroidered flowerborder. I hope to sell this one at the next summermarket the 15th of august.  The bag has a zipper closure, 2 inside pockets and is very roomy.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. I think the bag looks lovely!! The appliqued and embroidered border is really beautiful!
    I received your package in the mail!! Thank you so much! I love the sweet little sock that you knit. And I can use the lacy napkins for tea. And the vintage apron is so pretty. I love it! You are so sweet to send these things to me! I need to take some pictures and then do a post very soon.

  2. Really like the combination of the embroidered border and co-ordinating print. A really interesting design and very roomy for all our essentials!

  3. Well I would definitely buy it Baukje, I love it, the flowers look fabulous..

  4. You need to love it! I think it's beautiful.

  5. Gorgeous bag hun! Yes Amy did very well at the BBB and then on sunday she did a carboot and sold lots too - she was glad of the money as she was a bit short this month! xx