maandag 25 juli 2011

My Orvieto leaf sampler

When you know Sue Spargo's work you surely admire here leaf samplers. I real they are even much more beautiful than on her blog.  She had taken them to Orvieto.  This is just an example:

It's a perfect way to experiment with all sorts of embellishments and stitches.
In the group we swapped pieces of fabric so that everybody could make a leaf sampler at home as a souvenir of this wonderful week in Orvieto. 

I started some weeks ago with the leaves.

And after the summermarket I continued with the layers, sometimes two or three...
I am working on the embellishments now ......

10 opmerkingen:

  1. What an amzing idea! It must have been really interesting doing each one!

  2. You are so lucky you got to take classes from this lady. What an inspiration she is. It looks like you are having a lot of fun with your leaves. Can't wait to see them all done and embellished. Your work is always beautiful.

  3. Look forward to seeing your finished work Baukje. Sue's sampler it truly wonderful and what an inspiration for you to take a class.

  4. What a wonderful reminder of what must have been an amazing time Baukje, it will be lovely finished..

  5. What an original idea. I love the way both of these look.

  6. I am so jealous that you have gotten yours started!! My bits still sit in their bag longing to become leaves. Ah..YOU inspire me. I think so much of that wonderful week and visit it in my heart often with such great memories. Thank you for reminding me again! I hope you are well.
    XO Lynn

  7. WOW! What a spectacular piece!

    Can't wait to see yours, all finished up!

  8. Je hebt mooie blaadjes gemaakt van prachtige wolletjes. Groetjes Dorien

  9. That really is an amazing piece of work - really looking forward to see it finished! Hope all is well my dear friend xx