dinsdag 17 januari 2012

Do you want to know my quilting projects for this new year?

There is one quilt which is already for months looking at me and calling me: buy me and make me........
Thanks to my blogfriend Lizzie I already am a member of the blog.

I am talking about  the Civil War Bride Quilt. Corliss Searcey of Threadbear in Australie made a pattern of the original quilt that is hanging in the American Folk Art Museum in New York.

This great quilt is only applique and because I do not have a  lot of experience in applique, I bought this small applique pattern by Lori Smith: songs of spring, to make first....;

And I started today an applique pattern by Yoko Saito.  

In the last number of Quiltmania was the first block of a Quilt Mystery. 
I asked her if she could make me a kit for this block. I have met her on the Craft fair in Rotterdam last year. She has an enormous variety of woven Japanese fabric. So she made me a beautiful kit. The next  block will be in the next Quiltmania in march.....

And of course I want to make a lot of doll/small quilts this year. there are two quilts that are waiting to be finished. I 'll show them this week with another , so cute, knitting project. 
keep in touch and happy crafting!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. You are very ambitious Baukje and you're welcome my friend what else are blog friends for...enjoy

  2. Hoi Baukje,

    Het project uit Quiltmania leek me ook heel leuk. Ik denk er over om deze van hele felle stoffen te gaan maken, naast het CWB quilt project. Ach je moet toch wat doen...


  3. Wow! Those appliques will be big projects. Beautiful, too!

  4. Your applique projects for this year will be lovely. I can't wait to see your knitted bear and of course more doll quilts.