maandag 21 maart 2011

A bit of this and a bit of that

Because of a problem with my eyes last week I could not do a lot of sewing. But I could knit with big needles and thick yarn. So i knitted some potholders with the , they say, the best potholder cotton:  the one and only.....Lily's Sugar'n Cream.

The flowers for my grandmother's garden quilt are finished. I made 82 flowers and 12 half flowers, that means that I paper pieced 82 x 7 hexagons  and 12 x 5 = 634 hexagons!!!!
I ordered the darker green fabric for the gardenpath.

I also started a new doll quilt with the 30s repro fabric that  I bought not long ago.
I am still working on it but here are already some pictures.

This is the front, the squaressides are 5 cm.

And the back.....

This week I need to make a backpack for Sylviane's daughter-in-law.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. What is it with the eyes lately. Mine have been bothering me too. I just keep on plugging along though like you. I love the grandmothers garden quilt so far. So colorful and springlike.

  2. 5cm!!! It's just so gorgeous but very small piecing. I hope they haven't caused eye problems. Get better soon and back to those lovely projects.

  3. You are so industrious you put me to shame! Looking forward to seeing both of the lovely quilt projects completed.