zondag 13 maart 2011

MY grandmother's flowergarden

When I was with Dorien, she also showed me how to make a hexagon.  Back home I started immediately and could not stop...... On the web I saw so many beautiful grandmother's flowergardens, I had to make one myself!
I am a gardener myself and it's a very old pattern, for me two reasons to start making one. I have a, what you could call,  wild garden, many, many flowers in many colors.
Si I started to make hexagon flowers with all the fabric from my stash, except the recently bought red ones, the japanese fabric, the child fabric and the 30s repro fabric.
I already made 60 flowers..... but there are still about 30 to go, all hand pieced.

I used 7/8 inch hexagons, I found the templates here.

For the path between the flowers I have two options, the lighter or the darker green. Which one do you like most?

7 opmerkingen:

  1. I just don't know which I prefer. Maybe the lighter. You are wizzing along with the hexagons.

  2. i say lighter because. it looks like the fabrics have lots of bright bolds and the lighter green lifts them. lovely .x

  3. Oei, oei, Baukje is verslaafd aan hexagonnen maken. Groetjes Dorien (ze zijn heel mooi)

  4. If you were using 30's prints I would have said lighter because the flowers are pastel. But I like the darker green for this because the flowers have a stonger saturation of color.

  5. Hallo Baukje, ik zag je vraag op mijn weblog. De quilt is dubbelzijdig en gemaakt maar een antieke nederlandse quilt.
    Ik ga nu nog even snel op je blog lezen, groeten Hester

  6. I think the darker green enhances the strong colours of the flowers. Beautiful work.

  7. Your blocks are beautiful; and I prefer the darker green background. I have completed only 25 flowers, with three rows of hexagons (center hex, plus two additional rows). The hand piecing is very relaxing to me.

    Jana F.