vrijdag 11 november 2011

Living in the French countryside 1, the language

In my small village with about 260 inhabitants, there is, of course, a catholic church.
French people are mostly catholic. Here they say: we are catho.  They use often abbreviations. 
In stead of computer= ordinateur, they say : ordi. When I phoned to make a restaurant reservation, the girl said:  I am sorry I was working on my ordi.
A rain-coat is an impermeable, they often call it : my imper. 
A disaster is in French a catastrophe, but in the every day language they say a catar.
The next example is also very common, when they use ' as usual'= comme d'habitude, they use to say comme d'habe. 
And the last one for today; breakfast=petit déjeuner= petit dèj.

So if you come to France and want to talk like the French, use one of these abbreviations!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Oké instead of d'accord! :>)



  2. OK - I'll try...... wonder what OK is an abbrieviation for? No don't tell me - I'll google it! :o)

  3. I loved hearing these abbreviations by the French. I study French with Unforgettable Languages and have never seen these.